Eventi in Croazia


La riviera d’Abbazia d’inverno è talmente bella che nemmeno Babbo Natale può resistere al suo fascino, e quindi arriva dalla Lapponia nella sua “residenza” sul Monte Maggiore - la neve profonda e la slitta trainata dai cavalli sono un giusto sottofondo per stare in compagnia del simpatico nonno barbuto nell’ambito della Fiaba natalizia nel Parco della natura del Monte Maggiore. Questi tre giorni verso la metà di dicembre sono un vero godimento per i bambini e i loro genitori.

Ri Gastro

The final two episodes of the Ri Gastro event series are scheduled from 7 to 21 December at catering facilities in Rijeka and its surroundings. As with every year, the biggest stars are the cod, which will be in the spotlight during the first week, and chocolate, a queen whose reign will span the second week of Ri Gastro. These two delicious stories, which begin on 7 December, will once again bring together an array of caterers on 128. brigade HV square, who will be offering treats to visitors for charity. Afterwards hit the restaurants and taverns, where you can try an endless number of variations of these two holiday foods. Bon appétit!

Adventura Šibenik

We are now awaiting the fourth annual Advent Fair event, and we can already say that this has become one of the city's best loved events, and is recognisable at the national level. We continue to hold the imperative of ecological awareness, as the only plastic-free Advent Fair in Croatia. This year, the Advent celebration will begin on the Feast day of St. Nicholas (6 December), with the lighting of the lamps in the Robert Visiani Gardens. However, this year, other parts of the city will also be lit up with the Advent lights. The Fortress City will light the Advent candles on the oldest of its forts, while Šibenik will receive what is surely the largest and oldest Advent wreath – the Fortress of St. Michael. The last candle on the final Sunday of Advent will be lit on Christmas Eve, at the very site where the story of Šibenik began in 1066.

The Advent Fair musical programme at the Royal Court part of the gardens will be opened by the band TBF. Other musical guests to entertain us this December include the bands Mayales, Detour, Opća Opasnost, Auguste, Mnogi Drugi… The Croatian bands have been well distributed throughout the fair period, and so on the morning of New Year's Eve, we will enjoy the sounds of the band Bagatin, on the morning of Christmas Eve the band Feniksi, while this year on 22 December the welcome back party for Šibenik students studying in other cities will feature the band Living Room. The 2017 Advent Fair will come to an end on the first day of the New Year with a concert by Neno Belan and the Fiumens. In addition to live music, we can also expect a number of surprises from the DJ duo, Kristić and Živković, otherwise known as the King's Guard, while on 17 December on the Feast Day of Osmina (the Eighth - as the eighth day before Christmas), take part in the Freetulada competition for frying the best fritule (fritters).


Advent in Baranja

Magic of Advent stretches all over Baranja during four Advent weeks. Petlovac is a village known by roses on Christmas fair and live crib, also offers a rich music program, domestic delicious food and creative workshops for children. A beautiful castle palace of Family Esterhazy in Darda is a host of second Advent, where you can send your Christmas wish in nearby lake. Third Advent weekend is located in the Center of the villiage Kneževi Vinogradi, known wine destination. An inevitable part of the offer is Baranja wine with domestic sousages in cabbage. Skating rink, carriage and lanterns with great Christmas fair in  Beli Manastir, only city in Baranja, is the end of this Magic of Advent.

Delnice Advents Fairy

The Delnice Advents Fairy is the event that takes place for the fifth consecutive year in the highest town of Croatia - Delnice, every weekend during the advent. Every Saturday (02.12., 09.12..16.12., 23.12.) from 10am to 15pm you will be enjoying cheerful holiday atmosphere. Numerous events (You will meet Mrs. Santa Claus, winter animal farm, carriage rides, tourist train rides, creative workshops, performances, concerts) are accompanied by a rich gastro-catering offer with a fair of domestic products and unique souvenirs.

Advent na Rabu

L'Avvento ad Arbe è un evento speciale in cui si mescolano arte, gastronomia e tanto divertimento per tutte le età. Durante l’Avvento vi attendono numerosi concerti di vari generi musicali, mostre d'arte degli artisti locali e stranierinonché una serie di rappresentazioni teatraliche renderanno felici e di buon umore tutte le generazioni. Una ricca tavola imbandita delizierà il palato e addolcirà la fine dell’anno con i sapori delle specialità locali.
Durante l’Avvento ad Arbe potrete assistere a numerosi eventi e programmi d’intrattenimento. Acquistate dei regali di Natale originali e danzate sul ghiaccio sulla pista di pattinaggio dell’isola. Godetevi il giro turistico nel trenino di Natale e Capodanno assieme ai vostri bambini. Un'esperienza speciale per i bambini è l'arrivo di Babbo Natale, soprattutto quando scende dal cielo in paracadute! Decine di Babbi Natale creano un’atmosfera particolarmente emozionante quando raggiungono in moto la riva di Arbe. Non perdetevi questo spettacolo!
Prima del Natale, i membri dell’associazione "Tunera" allestiscono un presepe vivente con animali da fattoria. Questo presepe dona all’isola una speciale atmosfera natalizia.
L’Avvento ad Arbe dura tutto il mese di dicembre.


Inspired by one of the world’s greatest inventors, the Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future multimedia exhibition project will be presented from 25 November 2017 to 20 March 2018 in the Meštrović Pavilion.         


The Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition aims to establish Tesla as Croatian cultural heritage and promote and encourage artistic excellence, originality, inventiveness and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in visual arts to raise Croatian artistic creativity to a new global level.


This futuristic spectacle following Nikola Tesla’s vision is a result of ten years of original work by the globally recognized and award-winning author Helena Bulaja Madunić, as well as a group of international and local artists endeavoring to achieve synergy between science and art by combining film, animation, video art and technical innovation. The multimedia exhibition will present Tesla’s life journey from his birth to his reflections in the modern world in a completely new way, by showing a perspective yet uninvestigated. After 11 years of traveling across the world, Helena Bulaja Madunić’s cross-media documentary film titled Mechanical Figures, inspired by Nikola Tesla, became a spatial gallery installation designed to physically take visitors on a tour of Tesla’s mind. To allow this, the circular gallery area in the Meštrović Pavilion will transform into the Hotel of Future modeled after Gaudi’s Hotel Attraction project that was never implemented, where both Tesla’s mind and many other Nikola Tesla’s and our contemporaries reside. Sascha Machiedo, an industrial designer and museum consultant having over 20 years of experience in art, culture and business projects and exhibitions across the world, was appointed Project Director. The international exhibition team comprises Max Pinucci and Elena DeglˈInnocenti including their team from the MBVision and Animation Lights Project design and interactive preaching studios of Tuscany, having extensive experience in designing innovative preaching & exhibition events created using state-of-the-art technologies. The team also includes Miguel E. Delgado, a renowned Spanish author and curator and one of the main curators for the largest biographic exhibition on Nikola Tesla’s life set up in Madrid in 2014. The Organizam art group including the Babushke design studio led by Marija Juza and Bernarda Cesar takes credit for the innovative electromagnetic visual design of the exhibition. Iva Silla, storyteller, Hana Šoštarić, illustrator, Dinka Pavelić, architect, Nada Horvat, writer, Lovro Krsnik, film director, photo studio Romulić-Stojčić, and Marko Fuček, stage modeler and designer, are some of the close associates and assistants to Helena Bulaja Madunić, who are also actively involved in the preparation of the exhibition. At the exhibition, they will be joined by a group of newly selected artists of all generations inspired by Tesla. They are: Mile Blažević, Pero Jelisić, Nikola Vudrag, Ida Blažičko, Vitar Drinković, Alma Trtovac, Ivana Ožetski, Patricija Purgar, Janko Ivčić, Ivan Kujundžić and Alana Kajfež.

Real Grupa, a full-service marketing communication agency comprising a team of 70 employed professionals successfully coordinating activities on as many as seven markets, is the production company assigned to the project, also responsible for its promotion,


The Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future exhibition is a multimedia project of national interest and has from the very beginning been implemented under the high auspices of Ms. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, President of the Republic of Croatia. The project also receives patronage from Mr. Milan Bandić, Mayor of Zagreb, the City of Zagreb, the City of Karlovac, the Karlovac Gymnasium, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, with the Croatian Association of Artists as its partner. The exhibition is sponsored by HEP, Hrvatski Telekom, Zagrebačka banka, MasterCard, Končar – Elektroindustrija, Badel 1862, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatia Airlines, Zagreb Tourist Board, Zagrebački holding, Tesla Cables and Croatian National Tourist Board.

Zadar Advent

The third Zadar Advent (Christmas Market) lasts for full five weeks from 24th November 2017 to 1st January 2018 and offers its citizens and guests plenty of good fun, great music and concerts, delicious delicacies and all that has been making the Festive seasons special for the last two years, when the beautiful Advent story first started.


Per celebrare la festa di san Mauro, protettore della città, gli abitanti di Parenzo organizzano svariati eventi ed è così che anche quest'anno il Festival della Polenta si manifesterà in tutti i suoi contenuti gastronomici e di intrattenimento per rallegrare gli stessi cittadini ed i visitatori che si trovano in città in questi mesi invernali.


Il programma avrà inizio il 21 di Novembre in Piazza della Libertà, dove si potranno assaggiare le varie proposte di piatti a base di polenta. La semplicità dei piatti di una volta e la bontà dei vini istriani verranno accentuate da un piacevole sottofondo musicale e dalla piacevolezza della compagnia delle persone in piazza, rendendo quest'esperienza divertente e singolare.


Trattandosi sicuramente di un'occasione solenne, di un momento d'incontro, di assaggio e rievocazione di sapori e storie che hanno fatto la storia del nostro territorio -  ma anche di reinvenzione di esperienze inusuali – vedere e sentire tutto ciò appassionerà ogni turista che si imbatterà in questa vivace scenografia invernale.

Per favore aspetta un momento!